Thursday, April 05, 2007

gregorian calender girls

This morning the ecclesiastical calendar calculator website confirmed my suspicions that this weekend is actually Easter. Damn, I’m sure this means I should have collected Milly and Tilly from school by now this week. I shall have to send Natalia round to see what has happened to them. Easter is quite a major occasion in our village. The vicar, recognizing more than anyone the importance of this festival in a small community organizes an easter egg hunt in the village and enlists the help of the verger and local W.I. to ensure it’s smooth running. Things can get quite competitive amongst these ladies, especially on the baking side of things. I was asked to help when a representative from the organising committee came round and noticed the aga. ‘Oh, you’ve got an aga dear, that’s marvelous’, she said ‘You must help us with the baking!’ ‘You mean you can cook stuff in these as well?’ I replied. ‘Crikey!’ I did my best of course, but village life being what it is the only observation I received on my efforts was ‘we’re going to need considerably bigger hot cross buns’. Anyway, my husband will soon arrive from London and with him to myself at least some of the weekend and several days' production from Green and Blacks entire orgasmic chocolate factory in the pantry, I very much hope, given the abundance of bunnies abroad in the village, that there will be at least one rabbit which doesn’t need to see the light of day this weekend, sigh. Should anyone out there run out of men or chocolate before Tuesday, I jolly well wish them good vibrations this weekend. See you soon, hug...


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I am very concerned by your use of the word 'marvelous', Rilly.

This can mean only one of two things.

Either it was a minor typographical error, in which case you are forgiven.

Alternatively, and rather more alarmingly, I fear you really have got some ladies from the 'Hefner' branch on the Women's Institute in your village.

This is very dangerous, Rilly, as they may soon use their superior size and breeding skills to take over from the indigenous population and where would we be then ?

Perhaps you could lend them some rabbits to avoid them breeding like them, and preserve the english rose for generations of Englishmen...

The Blogosaurus said...

Love your work, Rilly. A fitting riposte to the drivel produced by Wife in the North. Incidentally, the agent who got her the £70k book deal is one Patrick Walsh. As he's obviously happy to sign up any old rubbish, I thought your army of readers might be interested in sending their ideas to him at:
I think he's particularly interested in books/blogs about irregular bowel movements and watching paint dry, but the big money is reserved for an in-depth expose of a knitting group.
Rilly, your blog is truly in a class of its own, but permit me to recommend another blogger's take on Wife in the North here:

Stay at home dad said...

Re. marvelous. My suspicions seem to have been justified. Unless this is a Northumberland variant.


rilly super said...

good thing nobody noticed how calendar is spelt in the title as well - phew, that was close!

Abandoned Wife said...

As ever, sharp as a surgeon's scalpel.

Thanks ever so for dropping in to see me, Rilly. Where did you leave the silver bullet?

zig said...

is that photographer now Sam's boss?

Lizzie said...

Re: Blogosaurus.
(You're not extinct are you? Well, hope not.)

How, exactly, do you KNOW the name of the agent??? I thought it must be rather like 007 stuff - hang on, that IS extinct stuff isn't it? (Daniel Craig? I know, I know). Or is it Craig Daniel? Don't you just hate it when 1st & 2nd names can be interchanged with ease? But I digress. So DO TELL!
(Don't tell Rilly I said this. It might go to her head if she were to be known as 'Super Rilly'.)

Anonymous said...

What's with all this bashing of Wife in the North?

Since You and WITN are so similar - even to the amazing amount of similar circumstances happening to you both -

Then isn't it the same as bashing you Rilly?

Wouldn't it be lovely if the world wasn't full of so much jealousy....

Lizzie said...

Oh, so sorry to bother you again Rilly, I know how busy you are dear, but just had to get away from heat of stove etc (phew!) - well to wonder whether or not 'tis I who've slipped or the 'tis the blogosphere.

Returning fom dentist, I found my ecstatic reply was posted on AN OUT OF DATE post of yours! Imagine my shock! (I fear, actually, that it's me who's slipped - as ever - too late now I know), but I didn't want you to think me ungrateful to you for including me in your blogroll. [Grovel, grovel Off stage left]

Oh 'Sweet Dreams Are Made of Th-is'

Bye for now. Back to kitchen to croak again.

local yokel said...

Rilly dahling, do hope the husband can offer more than Green & Black's this weekend.

The Blogosaurus said...

Re; Lizzie
I believe I read the name in some self-congratulatory piece in the Sunday Times or some such, and I emailed him myself a few words of friendly abuse, and he did indeed confirm, very smugly I might add, that he was responsibly for securing a book deal for the purveyor of domestic banality known as WITN
I'm SURE he would love to hear from all us bloggers with our exciting ideas. HIs address again:
Patrick Walsh at

Anonymous said...

Very very funny. Fantastic; I shall be back to read from the beginning!

rilly super said...

abandoned wife, thanks ever so, silver bullets are locked in the car at the mo I'm afraid

hello zig, lovely of you to drop by. I hope you are not detecting some kind of Philip Glenister fixation. I must be more careful in my clips in future or what will people think?

lizzie, for anyone who takes the time and trouble to leave comemnts such as your's a link is the least I can do, and all the better to find you with dear..

thanks for the kind wished local yokel, you are always so concerned, I hope you have a super weekend

thanks for the info Blogosauraus, who knows, maybe this chap can help bring 'strife in the north' to the bookshelves before the world runs out of paper which is the way I'm heading with my current agent, sigh

hello spymum darling, thanks ever so for visiting, must drop by your place sometime, put the kettle on dear.

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